Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Allegory of an alligator

An alligator walked into a middle school in Tampa the other day. The staff locked him in a bathroom. Perhaps – just maybe this gator heard about the great education students in Florida receive from their underpaid and over worked teachers and wanted to learn. So what do we do but lock him up. Don’t even think about his creativity and persistence of getting into a school without his inoculations or proof of residence. Lock him up. I certainly hoped they checked the facilities to make sure no children were inside.

I would just freak out if I found myself locked in a bathroom with an 8 foot alligator and I had no hall pass. And then, the undone homework issue would rear its ugly head just like the gator before he snaps. I guess this is what one would deserve for cutting classes. It would be the last time a class was ever cut, especially if the you got caught smoking in the boys’ room and you were a girl.

I did that once – not smoking in the boys’ room or even getting caught – I just went in and took a peek at what a boys’ bathroom looked like. I was curious like the gator. The thing was in Catholic school you had to follow the rules. That was the one and only I broke and never did get caught. T.G.

Back to the alligator and his trespassing woes – today a smaller one was found in a parking lot at a Lakeland dental clinic under a car. Maybe the little guy had a toothache and had no insurance. Very similar to Pasco County Schools taking away the employee’s dental insurance plan - they might as well they have taken away almost everything else – let those teeth rot away. You don’t need teeth to teach.

That’s it – the alligator was applying for a teaching position.

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