Sunday, June 13, 2010

The travels of Tuffy

It was the last day of dog sitting ‘Tuffy’. He was still in one piece with everything still attached. I think he had a very happy week at our house. He was fed, petted, played with, went in the pool, went for his nightly walk and got to sleep at the foot of the bed. He even played with the cat and didn’t get his eyes scratched out. Getting him to swallow his medicine was a different story but it was done.

I was feeling bad that he was left in the house all day with the television on and the cat that despised him. Not much to do all day but miss your family and wonder why they left you with almost strangers with the cat from hell. Sometimes I wonder what pets really think about. Tuffy accepted us but I could tell he missed his real owners.

So, for some unknown bizarre reason on the last day of Tuffy’s visit with us – I decide to take him for a ride in the car. Do I know if he likes car rides? No. Do I know if he will behave in the car and not throw up? No. I just felt that he needed a diversion from the cat and a lonely quiet house.

Off we go into the wilds of the Florida highways. Driving in Florida can be a dangerous encounter. Those old people get confused with the brake and the gas pedal. Get out of their way – is a good motto. I’m driving down a fairly busy and chaotic road with Tuffy in the co-pilot’s seat. I’ve got the air blasting in his face blowing his long curly ears in a wild looking fury. His tongue’s hanging out and he has all the appearance of have a great joy-ride. And then – for a reason that has not registered inside my jumbled brain his windows rolls down. Holy Moly! I swerve – slam on the brakes and drive off the side of the road. I receive strange stares from passer-bys. They probably assume I’m one of those old farts that can’t remember which pedal is the gas and which is the brake. And all the while Tuffy is hanging out the window and I go into a panic mode. Did I bring his leash? No.

I grab his collar and pull him back inside. How in the hill did that window go down? I push my button and roll it back up. Tuffy has survived. I pull back on the road and proceed with caution to our destination. Tuffy jumps back up at the window and his little white paw lands on the armrest and down goes the window again. AHA!!!! He knows how to push the button. Where is my childproof lock system on this car? Wait –he’s a dog.

How can I drive home with him in the co-pilot’s seat trying to escape? And me the driver being clueless about childproofing my car – oh what a dilemma. I reach over and pull Tuffy on my lap for security reasons. Now I can’t see the road. I wonder if I could put him in the trunk? Probably not a good idea. One more day and I need to keep him unscathed. I put him in the human seat belt and head for home.

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