Sunday, April 4, 2010

Watching the Moon

Lately I have fallen into the trap of - Woe Is Me. Such an ugly despicable place to be. The description being a large dark pit with ominous clouds hovering over trying to smother all positive thoughts and the sides of the pit are greased and slimy making the exit of this hell hole extremely difficult.

Feeling sorry for one's self is not a trip through wonderland or the enchanted forest. I recently saw Alice In wonderland with the wonderful Johnny Depp and decided to be more like Alice and see the world through a different perspective. Not really but it sounds good.

Back to - woe Is Me - get over it - get on with it - get out of that deep dark pit. And so that is what I am doing.

Sitting out on the lanai - a strong and luscious cup of coffee in my hand - still early morning dark with the quiet surrounding me - I sit and watch the lights traveling in the darkened blue sky. One after another the planes leave TIA - off to some exotic place. It seems like most of the inhabitants of the bay area are leaving town because the planes are almost non-stop - away they go and here I sit - contemplating life in the morning darkness.

The sun is sweeping away the morning darkness and the innocence of morning is vanishing along with my coffee. Time for a refill of coffee and positive thoughts. Watching the moon and wondering.

1. I am happy it is such a beautiful morning.

2. I am happy I have a huge project to work on today.

3. I am happy for this time in the quiet of the morning to reassemble.

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