Monday, April 12, 2010

Speak to me

So, I'm at this resort sitting by the pool people watching - with a book in my hand - it doesn't look do obvious. And I realize just how many people have cell phones and they are using them. You are on vacation - you are at a resort - you should be relaxing having fun. Put the phone away.

Two people were talking work related stuff - give me a break. One lady was feeding her baby setting up her poolside stuff and had the phone scrunched to her ear and talking to the baby at the same time. Where is the quality time?

One man was buying or selling stocks with someone. Another guy was doing a sales presentation on the phone while walking around with a freshly ordered pizza and juggling two glasses of beer.

Another person was doing the gossip tongue on her phone. Give me another break. Get a life and get off the phone. And then the teenagers texting away. And the friends we were with mostly likely the worst offenders. We were sitting about 15 feet apart and they were calling one another. Hello.

So I feel like I am a visitor in this bizarre world where everyone (except me) has a cell phone permanently attached to their ears. Why does this seem like an addiction?

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