Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do Not Seek The Treasure

I watched a movie once where the characters did - plane spotting. I think they laid down on the runway and watched as planes took off or landed right over them. That's about all my memory will give up on that - plane spotting.

In the morning I do my own plane spotting and it is a much more safer game than the fools in the movie played. I sit outside in the early morning twilight - when traffic has not begun to snarl and send flumes of noxious gas into the air that eventually I will breathe in my sickly lungs, Before the sirens start and the neighbors awaken and add noise to the stillness. Surrounded by darkness with a few birds chattering - me alone with the sky, half a moon and twinkling rhinestone stars. The sweet aroma of jasmine is almost but not quite overpowering.

My old faithful fleece robe keeps the chill off as I sit and watch the morning procession of planes. In silence they slip into the darkened sky heading somewhere for something - I'm thinking for fun, relaxation and adventure. I'm jealous. I want to trade places with them - or do I?

Wondering where their travels will take them and who are they going with. Who will they see upon arrival? Or what? Mountains, the sea, the wild open land could be their stepping grounds to freedom. Freedom from the daily grind of life itself.

They pop up into the sky like specs or skeeters and slowly disappear over the gulf or across the state. And I become the plane spotter and write their journey inside my head. I weave a story that makes me smile and makes me want to be sitting in that plane with them. But instead I am safely tucked away in my wicker chair with red striped cushions - watching and dreaming about where they are going and what they will do.

A plane spotter filling her imagination with excitement and wonder enjoying the early morning quiet. Drinking coffee with cream wrapped snugly in a soft warm robe surrounded by the beauty of the beginning day. Another time another movie -'Do not seek the treasure', plays inside my morning head fog. I don't seek the treasure because I find the treasure right before my eyes and if by chance I don't I create it in my mind.

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