Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth to Me

Celebrate Earth Day - plant happy thoughts all around you. Walk barefoot on the grass - feel the energy. Smell the Carolina Jasmine they are just beginning to bloom. What a fabulous fragrance. Count the clouds. Swing upon a star and remember who you are. Dance to the sound of the rustling leaves. Embrace the beauty that surrounds you.

Then, when you are stuck in that early morning traffic jam on the way to work (late again) bumper to bumper-noise-road rage drivers and those -oh-so-long traffic lights - smile upon the heavens. But don't get in the zone for too long because that crazed driver behind you is blowing the horn incessantly. Keep the sitting at the green light without any movement to a minimum. If you need to stop and smell the roses pull over and count the weeds growing along the freeway. There ain't no roses in sight.

Which is part of the problem! How does one stop and smell the roses when there are none? Some weeds produce beautiful flowers...but.... A rose by any other name is still a weed. A weed that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us to eradicate, destroy and eliminate. So we spray the earth with pesticides and chemicals and then my allergies and asthma slip into high gear and my rose sniffing days are numbered.

Celebrate Earth Day with three happy thoughts.

1. I'm happy I have trees and flowers in my yard.

2. I'm happy my jasmine is beginning to bloom.

3. I'm happy my neighbor has sodded his front lawn and it's beautiful and green and perfect and YES- it does make my brown weeded lawn look like the local landfill but I can look at his and do that transference thing and make his lawn my lawn in my head.

Earth Day - hooray!!!

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