Monday, April 26, 2010

The Good Witch

I've been in hurricanes and survived but never a tornado.

Late yesterday afternoon I looked toward the western sky and it was dark, ugly and pulsating like it had a beating heart. I'm thinking a nasty spring rainstorm is on the way. A little later the dark menacing clouds were no where to be seen but the sky had turned an eerie gray and looked different.

The wind picked up and swooped over the house and then the rains came. Talk about raining cats and dogs - well this was raining buffalos and elephants. In an instant the front walkway was flooded. Water surged under the door in the garage. We were being bombarded by the downpour and the winds seemed like they had hurricane force. The trash can flew through he air and landed beneath the truck. Winds bent the palm trees almost to the ground.

Darkness covered everything and it wasn't even night time. I sat on the couch watching the lightning light up the darkened sky and then waited for the crack of thunder.

Funny how that crack lasted sooo long and seemed to sound like a train barreling across the land. I have heard stories about the train sound when a tornado strikes. The train noise sounded a second time. Scary!!! Good thing I'm not on Kansas.

The storm carried well into the wee hours of the morning with little damage to my home or yard. I'm still wondering about that train sound? Now I know how Dorothy must have felt.

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