Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Crock

Unfortunately - my old favorites Crocs is falling by the wayside for me. I have gone to the other side and now live semi-permanently in Fitflops. What can I say? But I still love my Crocs - I wear them outside when I do my garden work.

Since I still have a very little teensy weensy soft spot for Crocs inside my heart I have super feelings that erupt when I see Crocs being abused. They are okay to use as planters in the yard, filled with cement they make wonderful door stops and my favorite is the Croc tree for succulents I have designed. But - but - but.........when someone wears socks with Crocs that is just a crime! How can anyone be so silly (I want to say STUPID) as to wear socks with Crocs. you know those white high top crew socks.

I was appalled to say the least. OMG!!!!! People like that should not be allowed out in public. Such a shame!!!

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