Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Insomnia...how do I love thee...oh, let me count the ways....!!!!! Wait I hate insomnia. There is nothing-nothing about this non-sleep that I admire. It robs me of energy. It frustrates me and makes me lethargic. I can count so many ways that insomnia rules my life with an iron fist of failure.

Short of succumbing to those pills they push on T.V. with a gazillion negative side effects how does one achieve a restful night?

Oh the utter bliss of putting your head down on a pilllow - closing your eyes and sleeping for hours - undisturbed. The true Nirvana!

What I would give for a rest full nights sleep at least once a week. It seems that such a small task is not on my 'to do' list. Martha Stewart - your sheets don't work.

Two wonder cures for this millennium -

1. cure the common cold

2. eradicate insomnia

There's a Nobel Peace prize in either one of those dilemmas.

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