Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Rose by any other name

After conversing with a box turtle expert - I'm thinking Jim maybe a JimmieSue. Next time I acquire an animal of unknown sex I need to ponder about the name I choose. A Boy Named Sue - could have a hard scrabble life.
And we do judge people by their names - sad but true. And then there are those nicknames. Sometimes someone lives with a nickname for ever and ever. My husband's family still refer to him as 'Robbie' I won't even discuss my nickname. When I was younger I didn't even realize I had a real name. When someone called me by my proper name I stood and looked off into the distance. Funny how our environment shapes us.
My turtle sign at school was torn down by the torrential storm over the weekend so my task this morning is to make a new sign and rewire it to the fence. I think my project for next year is to make a permanent sign out of wood.
What will the students say when Dudley has her babies?

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