Sunday, April 25, 2010

Charlie Crist

On the front page of the St. Petersburg Times - 'The rise and fall of Charlie Crist. What is the truth?

We elect a person to look out for us, guide us, do the right thing and represent our wants and needs. But when this elected official does what we the people expect and want him to do - off with his head.

A quote directly from this article, "He's deader than the day before yesterday. I don't think there's any way in the world he can rehabilitate himself," former Florida GOP chairman, Jim Greer. Rehabilitate? What? Mr. Greer do you know what the word means? Reestablish a good name - what's wrong with his name? To restore to former capacity - You mean doing what the good ole boys want and not what the little people want? To restore to a former state - a state where teachers are not given respect?

This is all about those that have had tunnel vision but the deadly kudzu vine has claimed the light to the tunnel. Get out your clipping shears and clear away the debris. Take off your rose colored green (money) glasses and do what is best for the people. NOT what is in your best interest.

But - wait if other elected officials follow that lead, 'listening to the needs of their people', they will appear on the front of newspapers with the heading -'The rise and fall of*********.

I commend you Charlie Crist for standing up for what is the best for your state.

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