Monday, April 5, 2010

American Dream

What is the American Dream? Where is the American Dream? And Why don't I have the American Dream? If it's out there I want it - I deserve it.

Can I find it on the Internet? Does it have anything to do with chocolate?

I remember the American Dream used to include (after World War II) a car, a factory job, a house in the burbs, filled with lots of kids, a wife who stayed home, church on Sunday and family dinners. Then it did change - the wife went to work, they obtained another car, the children allotment became 2.5 and then the divorce thing exploded.

Today I'm unsure of what the American Dream really is. Having a job would be the top priority. Medical insurance is a biggie and a mortgage one can afford.

I'm happy....................

1. That I have running water.

2. It's Spring Break!

3. My asthma is laying low.

I guess the American Dream is whatever floats your boat, although we don't have a boat. We used to have a boat and after hubby ran it into the side of the swing bridge I felt uncomfortable riding in it so we sold the darn thing. Purchased a kayak but it didn't work right or we were bad kayakers so now that's gone.

I did buy two new snoodles at the dollar store. And the pool is starting to warm up so we can swim again. Hooray for solar heaters on the roof that needs to be replaced. And then there is that wooden side damage by the garage next to the dead grass. Actually the dead grass problem has taken hold of our entire front yard. That needs to be revitalized and not enough rain water left in the barrels to fix it. Maybe it will rain but not this week cuz it's Spring Break.

Time to take my coffee to the outside world and count my blessings and weave my American Dream back to life.

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