Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SB 6

The Florida plan SB 6 to improve education and git our kids smart just ain't gonna werk. It has numerous flaws and hopefully Governor Crist will see those flaws and veto the bill. Yes, there are not so good teachers who cling to their position due to tenure. This needs to be fixed and years of service does not always mean and excellent teacher.

How can teachers be held responsible makin kids learn when these poor kids have an unstable home life and absentee parents. Kids come to school dirty, hungry, improperly dressed and filled with no respect for anyone including themselves. You learn what you live.

My solution to the epidemic is - let's make the parents responsible for their children's readin-writin and rithmatic. Let's give support to all those grandparents that are raising their grandchildren and trying to do their best while mommy or daddy sits in jail or prison.

Out of the mouth of babes - when asked about soap. "My daddy said ifin when I go to jail to remember to not drop the soap in the shower". And this young man was proud of what his daddy told him.

So we could make welfare payments according to the child's grades. I see reading scores going up. Have parents volunteer in the schools and she why there children are not progressing. X amount of hours spent in school every time your child gets a D or below. The behavior issue is another nightmare.
Support Florida teachers - Governor Crist.

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