Thursday, January 24, 2008

Strangers in the Night or Day

Life becomes a little more complicated when you have teenagers living with you. Our recent teenage addition is 18. He moved in as a single package deal but that is ever changing.

This morning when I awoke there was a strange young man taking a shower in the front bathroom. I stepped over another body on my way to the kitchen. I went outside to walk the dog and there was a strange car in our driveway (blocking me in).

My full pot of coffee disappeared rather quickly along with a gallon of milk and all the bananas. There is a pile of wet towels in the corner of the bathroom, a sink full of dirty dishes and sneakers that have an aroma stronger than the kitty litter box.

I can hear the wheels of progress clinking now - water bill rising - groceries disappearing rapidly and rap music wafting through the house. Our quiet predictable life will never be the same.

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