Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brittany Spears Spirals

How sad to watch Brittany Spears and her one-woman show spiral out of control right before our eyes. The latest tabloid says she was taken by ambulance to a hospital and is being held for mental observations. I also heard that she was a threat to herself. Obviously this young lady is in dire distress and needs some help and guidance.

We place so much importance and emphasis on movie-stars/singers/actors - it must be overwhelming for them. I love my life of mundaneness and wallflower status. When I make a silly mistake or giant blunder it goes unnoticed - sometimes. There was that fall off the bike episode in Key West that could have made the front page of 'The Key West Journal'. Headlines - Drunken Tourist Falls Off Rental Bike (denting fender) on Roosevelt Blvd. The sad part was - I was not drunk and that dented fender cost me $30.00.

Now if I was an aspiring or important pop-star my photo -sprawled on the grass along the main drag in Key West would have made national news. What an embarrasment. My skirt up around my neck showing my pink thong (LOL) my wig precariously leaning to the left and a rental bike (with the name of the rental company prominately displayed) resting on top of me in a tangled mess. Those headlines would have read -'Pop Star' Brainy Speed is once again doing her meltdown in full public view. It would go on to say after the star left a Duval Street bar she pedalled her bike without a valid bike pedeler's license into oncoming pedestrian traffic, ran over some's one foot and collasped in a pile along Roosevelt Blvd.

The article would continue with my past deeds of quickie marriages, divorces, squabbles with parents and co-workers, my sweet children their once dead-beat dad and my latest CD that is certainly not topping the charts. The article would say nothing of the real cause of the bike fiasco or how my body felt as it hit the pavement right in front of terrified tourons or that the bike was an incorrect size for me to be riding. The truth will never be known to the public.

My heart aches for Brittany and the media mess she finds herself drowning in. I would not for any amount of money trade places with her. When I fall off my rental bike in front of stangers and friends I prefer to do it without the media condeming me or making fun of me. As I am typing these words of wisdom my shoulder hurts - from that ungracefall fall from grace on Roosevelt Blvd in Key West.

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