Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hump Day

The sun has risen although you cannot see it through the dark and dreary sky scape. It's like a winter gloom spread evenly across the earth. After spending two days locked inside a conference room the least I expected today was a little sunlight. The dark sky and evil looking clouds chill me to the bone. A discontentment attitude fills my insides.

I feel cheated somehow - as if nature is punishing me with her darkness and all I want is sunshine, brightness and a little warm weather. That doesn't seem like too much to ask for. I'm sitting here wrapped in a fleece robe trying to stay warm. I suppose I could turn on the heat but that would not warm my insides.

I want my bright sun and puffy white clouds to greet me and console me. I want a little warmth as I enter the outside world. The doom and gloom may very well keep me inside today pondering negative thoughts and wishing for spring. I could do something useful and productive and ignore her darkness and gloom. I guess we all have our bad days and today mother nature is in full distress.

My fingers feel the cold as they bang away on the keyboard trying to change my negativity. I have gloves but it's difficult to type with them. This is not the Florida weather that I love and expect. It's dark and cold and I do not like it. Even the cat refuses to go outside. She sits here yelling at me like I have caused this cold and bleakness. At least she has a fur coat.

Time to lift this cluster of gloom - time to go shopping. A cure for sure for the winter blahs!

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