Thursday, January 17, 2008

How to Rob a Bank

I admit at times (many times) I write reminders on sticky notes and then forget why I wrote them. I write down cool phrases, quotes and new words on scraps of papers and file them away – never to be found again – sometimes.

I was in a rush this morning and trying to get organized – shoulda put that one on my goal list! Get organized!!! So off to the bank I go as organized as I will ever be. I pull up to the drive-thru. Yahoo - no one there and all green lights. I drop my deposit slip into the cylinder and hear the whoosh.

In seconds a soft voice from behind the tinted glass says, “What can I do for you today?”

Well, are you stupid or what I think? I turn and give the tinted glass the LOOK - are you stupid or what!
“I’m trying to make a deposit here,” I say – as cold as ice.

Good help must be hard to find.

“I’m sorry but you gave me something else,” says the faceless voice behind the tinted glass.
And I hear the whoosh sound of the plastic canister dropping back to me. I reach over, a little miffed at this point in time and snatch out the paper inside the canister. OMG!!! I melt. I look around for the cops to pop up and listen for the siren. She must think I’m trying to rob the bank. OMG!!! Only a fool would try to rob the bank via the drive-thru.

If only I could crawl beneath the seat. I search my purse for the REAL check and deposit slip. It’s not there. I panic. I wonder if she has pushed the alarm button yet. I start searching inside the glove box, my pockets, and the floor of the car. And then I see it folded neatly in the ashtray. I slip it slowly into the plastic canister and hit the ‘send’ button. I hear nothing but the whoosh sound –no sirens.
The whoosh sound rings again and then a polite, “Thank you, have a nice day.”
I wonder if my face has been captured on the hidden camera. I wonder if this will become lunchroom fodder. Get organized goes on my goals list.
So why did I write – Do or die - on a scrap piece of paper?

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