Saturday, January 12, 2008

I heard the birds chirping outside this morning when I awoke. It sounded very spring like. The weather has cooled a little bit here - nice sitting outside weather. I poured myself a cup of coffee added my fat-free creamer and strolled outside. The bird was off on some mission taking his melodious morning chirp with him.

I strolled over to my really kool pink painted Adirondack chair and plopped down in my thin cotton night-shirt. WOW. I nearly jumped right out of my thin cotton night-shirt and dripped hot coffee right down the front of me. Dew lined my pink painted kool Adirondack chair. Well, not anymore it was adhered to my thin cotton night-shirt mixed with coffee, cream no sugar. It sent a chill right thru me.

So I go back inside change my nightie get another cupa java slip on my winter (L.L. Bean) fleece robe and return to nature. I plop right back down on my kool pink painted Adirondack chair and enjoy the morning quiet. No sirens bellowing, car horns honking, no neighbor dogs barking - just total quiet.

I sat there in my fleece robe drinking my coffee with cream, no sugar and cherished the silence. I thought about what my day would bring. The turtles and their huge pond needed to be removed from the front bedroom to make space for the grandson. The old carpet in the closet needs to be ripped out and replaced with laminate flooring. New shelves may or may not go up this weekend? The bird came back and sang me a quick song. I drank my coffee and became lost in the stillness of a great morning.

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