Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pirate Promises

The Gasparilla Pirate Parade Extravaganza in Tampa, Florida. Jose Gaspar terrorized the coast for years in the 18th & 19th century. He referred to his pirate self as Gasparilla. The aristocrat turned pirate became a notorious outlaw of the sea. In his honor (?????) we have this huge celebration. Drink, parade, drink, dress up as a pirate, drink, toss beads, drink, party in the streets, drink and then drink some more. There could also be pilfering going on but I believe the main attraction is drinking in the streets.

In Tampa there are one way streets limited parking and congestion! Mix together congestion, party goers, road closing, parade, bead tossing and the drinking in the street - a place I sure want to be. And that's just where I am! In the middle of party paradise although I am not a party person - I do love paradise.

Am I tossing beads? - dressed as a pirate? - drinking in the street? No I have a teleconference to attend. Right smack in the middle of all this. Good timing. They did give us beads so there was no need to flash.

Gasparilla bragged about his conquest and the fate of so many women-folk that he captured. And if one did not choose to become one of his 'krewe' they could walk the plank. It is rumored that Gasparilla buried much of his treasure along the coast. I have never found any of his pilfered loot. I just find myself caught up in this festival honoring his - good works.

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