Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How to Hire a Hit Man

They're out there, I see them everywhere - at my work, in the store, in my neighborhood, driving down the road and a few are my friends. STUPID PEOPLE. There everywhere. I read this story about some lady - I forgot where she lived. She advertised on Craig's List for a Hit Man. Yes, an advertisement on the Internet. Hello - does the elevator stop short from the top floor? I believe it was advertised as a 'freelance' position'. Three people responded.

They all turned her in when they realised what she really wanted - her married lovers' wife knocked off not a 1,000 words knocked out. She met this wonderful lover online. She must have some Internet savvy if she can pick up deadbeats online - so why would she conspire to eliminate a person over the Internet? She wins the 'MOSTEST STUPIDEST AWARD'.

Emails are track able, your IP address is track able and murder for hire is illegal. Talk about leaving a trail to follow - she wins another award for that one. Discreet she was not, then I don't think stupid people know how to be discreet. And the pay was really low. LOL. As many jobs are from Craig's List, at least she got that part correct. And why would she list the proposed job under freelance writing? Did she want the lover murdered with a pencil? Or bad grammar? Or too many -----------(hyphens).

I will continue to read about this saga to see what she pleas. Is there a plea for STUPIDITY? Her shirt should say "I'm not with stupid I am Stupid". A quote from Forrest Gump - "Stupid is as Stupid does", I think that's what he said.

" Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King Jr.

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