Sunday, January 20, 2008

I have looked at my drape less living room windows for months. I just don't know what I want or what would look good at a price I can afford. I spent the night in a hotel this weekend and saw my inspiration. The room had simple white shears on the windows. They let in light but blocked the view from the outside. A perfect solution for my drape less windows.
The Sunday paper arrives - actually I walk down to the corner to buy one. I search for window coverings. Funny the minimal amount of ads in today's paper. I did find a few and they are sold by the panel - about $20.00 a panel. I look at my drape less windows and think 6 or 7 panels. Wow. There goes the budget.

I need to measure the length. I search the garage workshop for a tape measure. You would think he could have a little organization in his PLACE. I tear stuff apart looking for a tape measure. I find a nice plastic lime green one. Off I go into the living room armed with the tape measure. The metal tape bends over before it reaches the top of the window. I start measuring from the floor up? That doesn't work. I huff and puff and he ignores me. I refuse to ask for help. I get a kitchen chair and stand on it. Not high enough to reach.
I go back to his work space in the garage and grab the step stool. I unfold the little demon and pinch my hand in the process. I mutter unkind words to the step stool. I climb to the top step and wobble a little but get that tape to the top of the window. 84 inches just what the ad said. I push the little black button to rewind the metal tape measure. Snap! Ouch! The little bugger snapped my pinky. Instant pain and the big blue bruise appears. Hurts like hull. I step off the step stool begin to close it up and - OUCH. It catches my injured pinky.
I just want drapes up to my bare windows so I can't view the neighbors and they can't view me.
The television stars that spruce up a room in 30 minutes make it look so easy. I can't even measure without being injured. Perhaps I should have asked for a home makeover with a $100.00 budget.

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