Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Golden Years

This is Maggie enjoying her golden years. I sometimes wonder if she is really enjoying these years. She is 17 1/2 - pretty old for a dog. She is healthy and I hope happy - the happiness part is hard to tell. She doesn't hear well and her eyesight is going fast but her sense of smell is still sharp. She can smell food preparation in the next room and is right there under foot waiting for a snack. Her movements are slow and stiff. To lie on the floor is quite a production for her and getting back up is difficult. She takes her morning meds everyday to help with her muscles. She wanders aimlessly when taken outside and at times starts to run away. I always wonder where she is trying to go? She paces in the house. When she needs to tinkle she walks to the door and stares, no sound. We have put down a washable throw rug for accidents.

The golden years - someday it will be me in her state. Scary!

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