Sunday, January 30, 2011


Last year my husband and I for the first time in our married life found ourselves dog less. At first the grieving process consumed all of my waking thoughts and occasionally slipped into my dreams. I admit I did not miss the gobs of dog hair lining all the baseboards and crevices in the house, a furry mass always underfoot, searching for a dog sitter at vacation time and that all too dreaded bath time.

After awhile life settled back into the same old routine but something was missing. I was longing for a little fur ball to love once again. I found a dog rescue site and began to visit the site on a daily basis. My husband and I had some serious discussion about getting another dog. We both decided if we did obtain another dog it would definitely be a rescue dog.

I searched the rescue site almost daily viewing cute little bundles of cuddly pups, designer dogs, registered dogs and basic mutts. Many of the dogs were abandoned or abused and it tore at my heart strings. I had pretty much decided that a puppy was out of the question. I am not a master at puppy training. During one of my searches I came across what I thought was the ugliest dog on this planet. He also had a pathetic sadness about him. I thought who would want a dog like that?

My husband and I visited the rescue shelter and looked at the available pets. We walked by Mr. Ugly and he turned his face away from us. I’m thinking – anti-social. We walked on past him to a spunky little schnauzer. We walked several of the dogs but none of them felt right. We made several trips back to the shelter and one time my brother came with us.

I walked by Mr. Ugly’s cage, obviously no one wanted him as he was still sitting inside that metal cage looking dejected. In a second we made eye contact and then just as quickly he turned his head. My brother made a comment about his scraggly appearance. For some strange reason I decided to take the little ragamuffin outside for a walk. He was terrified and started to shake uncontrollably. I put him back in the cage and walked on to the next dog waiting for a forever home. I walked back to Mr. Ugly’s cage and he refused to acknowledge me.

I took him outside for another walk and he trembled so he almost fell on the ground. I picked up his shaking little body and held him to my chest where he promptly placed his head against my heart. And the sparks ignited. I knew we needed him as much as he needed us. It is hard to put my feelings into words about Russ (no more Mr. Ugly) and how he has changed our life. The joy and physical activity he has bestowed upon us is certainly amazing and healthy for us. Wow!

Now, my sweet little boy is in a contest with a large chunk of the winnings going to the non-profit rescue that saved his life and improved mine. Please take the time to vote for Russ and improve the chances for other unwanted dogs to find a forever home.

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