Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dead Sea Bath Salts

I know life is not always fair BUT when it is not fair to me I take offense. Most of the time I just slide along and drift through life trying to be happy and usually I have success. Then every once in a blue moon (I've never seen a blue moon) something stops me in my tracks, knocks me over and rolls me off my pathway in life. Today I was hit by one of those life's interruptions and I still am in shock.

One of my relaxing-destressing tactics is to go in the bathroom light a candle turn off the overhead light - draw a really hot bath and plop in my dead sea salt bath crystals. It is 'take me away calgon' moment without the calgon. I feel immediate relief from the days toils.

I just heard on the news that Florida is banning bath salts! Yep, they will no longer be on store shelves. WHY???? Because some fools have decided to smoke the salts and get high and sometimes dead. Dead sea bath salts. Hmmm.
Who would ever think about smoking bath salts? I am just totally mystified. What will they be smoking next? Baby food!!!!!

So this is a large bump in my road life journey and it is not fair - To Me. What is the world coming to? My one cheap form of relaxation is being taken away from me and everyone else who sits in a tub with dead sea bath salts.

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