Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blue as the sky

They are packed up so nicely and placed at the curb in their shiny translucent blue bags. It's as if they are just waiting for that bus to come along and take them to a vacation land where life is beautiful all the time. I wonder where they really go - these bottles and cans rinsed and cleaned and decapped? Pieces of our lives once used but barely thought about except for their resting place along the side of the road - waiting - just waiting for the next moment in time.

Does their life begin again as something new and use full? Or does reality smash the bubble and they are dumped as before into a heap of trash and waste to sit and rot and smell and scar the land on which we live? So many and's so many questions left inside my mind. And then I compare the life of cans, bottles and glass containers so perfectly placed in the soft blue bag by the curb - waiting for hands to lift them away to that of children, people and animals.

We toss them away less than the garbage we place by the curb. We hide them, dump them or just neglect them and life goes on. We take such meticulous care of used containers but human life has little meaning and little empathy. Animals are even farther down the scale of justice.

The brand new year blossoms and the commercials of abused animals flicker upon every channel I surf. The headlines on the front page portray the victims and lost souls and those that choose to take a life with no regret and consequences. My mind is bombarded with the pain and suffering and tears become my cloak of fog.

I sit here and stare at the soft blue bag holding the remains of yesterdays dinner waiting to become new again but what of loved ones who cannot speak or smile or hug away our sadness? A burning emptiness smolders in my soul. I watch the sun rise slowly above the tree tops and contemplate priorities and life as it is. Trapped behind these bars that let light through but keep the love at a distance.

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Clint said...

Nice post. I like your thought processes. Of course, a couple of things jumped out at me.

First, While the pet animal populations are out of control and the majority of these animals are suffering, a good many do reside in good homes and are cared for even better than most people. Example---when my dad died, he suffered for months in a terminal condition and we were legally unable to end his suffering. But, when my beloved German Shepherd was terminally ill and suffering, I was able to tell the vet, with his agreement, to end her needless agony.

The other thing I love about your post is that the spiritual jumps out at me. For me, there is an afterlife, where I as a sinner can go and be redeemed.

Thanks for a great one, Aine.