Thursday, January 20, 2011

Foggy Bottom Boys

The fog began to roll in slowly last night covering the low lying areas. This morning its mission complete heavy fog hangs over the earth. And me walking around in the back yard walking the dog and hoping he would do his business lickety-split but of course he took his time to complete the task - as always.

It was dark and spooky looking walking amongst the trees and bushes. Reminded me of one of those scary movies where the bad guy or the vampire jumps out and grabs you. And the wetness of the fog just clings to me like a spider web. I hate spiders.

Hurry up I think - hoping that the little guy will get this over and done with and we can retreat to the safe confines of the house. But - NO - he stands there sniffing the cool morning air. Come on - get on with it. I need coffee.

Finally the deed is done and off like a bullet he leaves me standing in the dark, foggy back yard with the hair on the back of my neck standing at attention. I look at the moon misted in fog and clouds trying desperately to peek through and lead me to the door.

My slippered feet crunch against the dead dew covered grass as I wait for the behind the tree monster to lurch out and attack me. No behind the tree monsters or vampires just a morning breeze flapping against the few leaves that are left on the trees. I bolt for the door and slide right out of my warm fuzzy slippers.

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