Thursday, January 13, 2011

Potty Break

Our sweet little rescue mutt has some odd quirks. I am still impressed how well he behaves (most of the time)with what he has gone thru in his previous life. I wonder if he was loved and somehow just became lost. I really hoped he wasn't abused but every once in awhile he cowers like he has been at one time. Not now. He has a good life with two people that love him to pieces.

Not so much at 2 AM in the morning - like this morning. He never runs to the door to let us know - he's gotta go. He performs these strange rituals that you figure out all by yourself after watching him. Like at 2 AM this morning. Yes, he sleeps with us even though we vowed for that to NEVER happen. We caved.

His prancing around the bed and plopping his 8 pound body on me woke me right up out of a sound sleep. I pushed him off. He is a persistent little guy. He did races across the foot of the bed. I tried to ignore him - not possible. Then he walks across my back over my shoulders and plops down on my pillow. Move it I whisper.

He ignores me. I physically remove him from my pillow and place him by the foot of the bed. He inches his way back up and then starts that licking that sounds like an alarm clock going off.

Back on the pillow and right in my face. Why doesn't he just walk over to the door and bark? That would be simple. He never barks when he needs to go out and relieve himself. He does these little odd quirks which do get your attention. But - it's 2 AM and I am recovering from surgery and it's cold outside. Why didn't you pee before I went to bed.

Hubby is way sound asleep and nothing not even that incessant licking (who knows where?) will wake him. It's left up to me the invalid to take the little bugger out. As soon as I open the door he darts outside into the darkness as I stand lopsided in the cold waiting for his return. Why doesn't he use the dog door. I guess I will have to work on that one.

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