Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Duck Waddling For Dummies

The sutures have been removed and the boot has been discarded and I no longer waddle around like a duck. Not that duck waddling is a bad thing it's just that when I waddle like a duck it throws out my back.

I can put on a pair of real shoes today and feel almost human again. So glad this foot surgery episode is over and done with! If there is a recurrence I might just have to live with the pain and suffering. No way in hill do I want to undergo foot surgery ever again.

So today I will focus on happy thoughts.

1. I am happy hubby finished with the bathroom and he did an awesome job. I love my new sink and new matching accessories.

2. I am happy the weather is warming up now I can wear my new Flt-flops and show off my new and improved walking foot. And my peach tree is loaded with blossoms.

3. I am happy Russ's service dog training is coming along so-fine. He is such a little sweetie and makes me smile.

4. I am happy that I won a writing contest about camping. It has inspired me to write more.

1 comment:

Clint said...

Congrats on your new foot and your award!