Saturday, January 8, 2011

Being Hayve

The sky was blue as a gemstone gleaming in the mid day sun painted with puffs of billowing white clouds. Sharp golden rays from the sun cast bright patterns against the earth. A northern wind wiggles across the lands swaying the fronds of the mighty queen palms. Life rolls along as smooth as the orange skin of a kumquat.

Then the sun went into hiding and the sky turned dark like a moonless night in the middle of winter. And my vision was impaired. Thunder burst from the darkening sky and boomed with the power of fireworks. And my hearing was impaired. Lighting snapped from the sky and danced across the sand. And my security was impaired.
I was alone on an island with no place to go.

Fires spread across the fields and forest with puffs of smoke smothering the air. And my breathing was impaired. Lost and helpless in this smoke and haze hoping for a brighter day. The land was scorched and dry covered with a blackness that permeated the land.

Rains like monsoons dripped from the sky - endlessly - and washed away sand dunes and my little spark of hope. Rivers became oceans overflowing the banks and mutilating the earth. And I could barely keep afloat and swim to the dock.
Trapped in a cell without windows or doors. Trying desperately to reach out and pull him back. so close but yet so far.

Addiction touches a life and the domino effect takes hold. We are knocked down right along with the ones we love. Grasp on to that lifeline of hope and never let go.

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