Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung in Florida and it's only January. My peach tree is overflowing with awesome pink blossoms. What will happen this weekend when the evening temperatures drop into the 30's? My pretty in pink petals will surely be damaged or destroyed. The weather is a constant contradiction - here and around the globe.

One pretty petal in particular caught my eyes. It was almost a beauty except for missing parts. A deformed blossom. I wonder if fruit will be produced from this defective bloom?

When I looked at the almost beautiful - pretty-in-pink blossom I felt that a part of its soul was damaged. If the soul is damaged life can be brutal. Will life be unkind to my special blossom?

My mind wanders off the track before morning coffee. Sometimes it meanders slowly and at other times it takes off like a rocket to the moon. This morning I'm in that between stage where my thoughts are restless and unsatisfied but little motivation to act. Butter Toffee coffee sounds good.

Plants will have to be carted back into the house for the weekend cold weather. There is no way the poor peach tree can hide from the cold weather front moving in. I will have to hope for the best and let mother nature take her path. I have visions of a tree loaded with sweet Florida peaches in the early spring but now my hopes are dimming. More coffee.

And having coffee now is so much more delightful with the new and improved single cup coffee machine with so many flavors to choose from. Life is good when coffee is readily available and so many flavors. I have choices but my peach tree has none. I always thought Georgia had the best peaches till my Florida peach tree produced the sweetest peaches I have ever tasted.

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