Friday, January 7, 2011

Robert Did It

Sooner or later they all end up in Florida. Florida is a huge melting pot of creative, loving and off the scale individuals. The diversity and absurdity in Florida is like no other alien planet. And I love it in Florida. Florida is so more much better than The Jersey Shore or Desperate Housewives. There is always something brewing on the back burner in Florida.

So who should appear - not a shiny nosed reindeer that was last month.....BUT.....Ballon Boy and his wack parents. Not only did they move to the wonderful state of Florida they moved close to me. Oh no.

I will have to keep my eyes to the sky in search of another escapee balloon. I will keep my camcorder close by to catch that elusive ship possibly carrying a young child and place it right smack on You Tube. Documentation of his next project or disaster. Isn't it amazing what some will do for attention and notoriety.

As for me I just want to float through life having fun and being happy. Not exactly floating I do want my two wobbly feet planted firmly on the sandy soil in Florida. The soil where it is impossible for me to grow anything. Whatever......Speaking of feet and not the smelly kind but the kind that are going under the surgeons knife once again. OUCH and YUCK -----when will this nightmare end?

Think positive, think positive. Today is a beautiful day in Florida. Think about the balloon boy and the drama that may come with them residing in the Sunshine state of Florida with a new Governor who says he will create more jobs and then fires 11 people. I'm not good in math but this doesn't add up.

And let's not forget Robert the doll and the pin I purchased for hubby that says ......Robert Did It....he being a Robert, it seemed appropriate.

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