Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sometimes my neurons seem to misfire or miss firing all together. Recently I have been noticing coffee drips all over the kitchen floor. Dang, I really dislike cleaning that mess up. I suspected it was hubby as he is mister messy. Anyways he should be blamed for all messes in the house.

We purchased one of those one cup coffee makers and I love-it-love-it. No more wasted coffee but we have coffee splotches all over the tile floor. Just when I think I'm going face to face with hubby and point the finger at him - My neurons start synapsing. Hello - earth to me!!!!!!!!

The coffee maker punches a tiny little hole in the top of the coffee container and low and behold it punches a whole right through the bottom. Hello earth to me again. how does the coffee get out of the container to my cup? I never thought about that.

After my coffee was brewed (fresh) I took out the coffee container and walked over to the trash all the way through the kitchen and dropped it in the trash. All the while the remainder of coffee dripped on the floor. And 'I' was ready to blame it on hubby. My bad.

Couple this with me running into the sliding glass doors and the screens and we have neuron dysfunction. Well my poor little baby (the dog) apparently is having some synapses relapses also. He ran right into the sliding glass door screen. Oh what a nasty site. He cried just like a baby due to the fact that he forgot he really is a dog. Blood all over the place and me in panic mode. After dropping alot of green stuff at the Vet's the little guy is back home recuperating.

Me and him will stay away from that evil screen door and I will no longer slop coffee all over the kitchen floor and think about blaming some one else.

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