Saturday, February 19, 2011

One more moon dance

AAHHH - it's Saturday and a long (3 day ) weekend - away from school. It's nice to chill. Even thought he kiddies are just sooo wunerfullll.

The weather today is awesome - sat outside with the morning coffee staring at the moon.
Van Morrison - you ROCK.....

Company is coming so cleaning the house and buying a new guest bed is on the agenda. Hope the dogs behave. Hubby is painting the living room - and a great job he is doing.

Nettie is settling in to the new routine and has discovered the cat runs when she is chased. She is doing awesome on her leash with Russ as her mentor. Russ on the other hand is a little miffed at the new family member. 'And I'm trying to please to the calling'.

Adopt a rescue dog!!!!!!!!!! We miss you Ron.

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