Monday, February 21, 2011

Speedy Gonzalas

I've heard the saying that 'some one was dealt a bad hand.' Well, I have been dealt a bad left foot. First the sole problem that has been nagging at me for months is finally healing and now another new curse on the top of my foot. When will the madness end?

Today was a day off but seemed more like 'speed dating'. Not that I have ever done 'speed dating' but others have told me about the drama. So today my day off kinda sorta became speed doctoring day. Four doctors in 8 hours - that must be a record. I wonder if the Guinness Book of Records has that category?

Snipped and scraped at the first doctor, blasted in the mouth by the dentist, poked and prodded by my primary care doctor and more cutting at the podiatrist. Woe is me. And a few bucks shorted - actually a whole lotta bucks shorter.

Tomorrow will be a better day no more speed doctoring and paying out the big bucks. I can't the well is done gone dry. Time for a fantabulous moon dance.

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