Monday, February 14, 2011

And then there were Two

Is there such a thing as a dog with a NEAT FREAK personality? Anything is possible. Right? Absolutely. Well, I believe I am the proud owner of a neat freak dog. Wouldn't that look great on a bumper sticker. I'm the proud parent of a neat freak dog.

We introduced a new member to our pack this weekend. Her name is Nettie after the wonderful Netti-Pot. If you have sinus problems try a Netti-Pot and life will become breathable. So Netti is a 5 month old puppy who is giving Russ a run for the money or should I say food.

Nettie is a mix of pug and shih-tzu. We refer to her as a pugshit. She is a energetic bundle of puppiness. Add her rough and tumbleness to Russ's sedate and velcroness makes the mix a mash.

Russ who has been a wee bit spoiled has taken this new intrusion like she is just a nuisance. He has been very aloof about the entire upheaval. Russ has toys - toys that he has never played with - but kept tucked away in one of his four dog beds. They sit there quite nicely. He also has a slew of rawhide bones which he never chews and they are also tucked away next to the toys in one of his dog beds.

Nettie likes toys and snatched one of Russ's and he became concerned. So I trotted to the store and bought Nettie her own toys so she would leave Russ's toys neatly in the dog bed. Nettie is on another page in the book.

Nettie runs to the dog bed and removes a rawhide chew climbs on the couch and starts to chew. Better the bone than my new slippers that she has taken a liking to. When she tires of the fun she runs off and along comes Russ. He gently picks up the rawhide or the toy and runs back to his bed and places it back in the proper place. This scenario goes on all day long. He likes his toys all lined up in a neat row in his doggie bed. It's going to be an interesting journey with these two different critters.

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