Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saving Planet Earth

Trying to save the earth is difficult to accomplish at times. I know this for a fact! I try to do my part and be resourceful, dependable and try to treat the earth as if we will live on her soil forever. Hopefully we will.

I have several rescue turtles to go along with my rescue dogs. I have two Florida box turtles. Recently they have come out of hibernation (cold Florida winters) and are searching for their favorite foods. They haven't had worms in months.

So off I go to the bait store to purchase their yummy breakfast buffet. The worms come in Styrofoam containers and usually I save the containers and return them to the bait shop. It's been a long winter and my Styrofoam container is apparently history - headed for some landfill to spend eternity. I promise to do better.

I purchase the lovely wigglers - the clerk is always polite and asks me what type of worms I would like. Every time I tell her it doesn't matter they are just turtle food and worms is worms. But she always asks and I always say, "It doesn't matter."

I opt out for the brown paper bag no need to add more trash to our sweet Mother Earth. I place the Styrofoam container on the seat of the car the seat covers were washed by me last week so they are nice and fresh and beigey white. I took the corner a little too sharp but what the hey. I needed paper plates from the dollar store and only thought about turning at the very last minute.

I wander inside the store for what seemed like a short period of time but then when I shop time does slip by - somehow. I leave the store twenty bucks lighter than when I entered. OMG!!! I think out loud as I open the door. There on the passenger seat with my freshly laundered seat cushion is a black blob of wiggling mess. The worms have escaped in the car and are trying to reach freedom. Do they know their destiny? And the dark black dirt that is there home is all over my car seat.

I see them on the floor and crawling around in the cup holder. OMG!!!! This is disgusting. Why didn't I let the clerk place my worm purchase in that little brown bag? I could have recycled the bag.

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