Monday, February 7, 2011

Alfred Hitchcock

Apparently no one informed me about the Cardinal Rally in my yard. One lost soul some how flew inside my screened in lanai. She was in a total panic trying to get back out and her 100 other friends were flying on the outside with chirps of encouragement. Some were bold and flew right at the screen. I presume they were trying to show her the way out.

What is it lately with screens and critters. Saturday night the dog and today cardinals. And if you flew inside the enclosure why can't you find your way back out? I guess you don't have a built in Garmin.

So there are about a hundred or more cardinals flying around my yard and hanging out in the trees. What's up? A remake of the birds. They seem quite happy - chirping away and the rain has stopped so what do they want? More rain? Is it never enough for birds.

It's a little on the creepy side walking outside with all those birds up in the trees and flying over head. The spider looks like a lovely meal. I wonder if he jumped in the pool to get away from the birds but met a different fate? Let's see - eaten alive by birds or drowning in a pool? Choose one.

Must be spring is in the air and that could only mean spring break is just around the corner. Hooooooraaaayyyy. I need the break.

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