Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Kill a Mockingbird

Nicholas Lemmon Lindsey a 16 year old juvenile from St. Petersburg, Florida was arrested for the murder of police officer David Crawford.
My thoughts:
What is a 16 year old doing wandering the streets late at night on a school night? Where were his parents? Was he out of control? Did the parents seek help or were they overwhelmed?

Is this student just one of the many that fall through the cracks into the great dark abyss? We say we put children first - but do we really? Do we help and guide these lost souls or toss them to the trash? Whose responsibility is it to raise children?

I could be judgemental and make all sorts of remarks ----- like where was the supervision ------ by viewing the video I presume he's just another thug or wanna be thug. He was dressed in the black hoodie (in Florida) the pants were hanging down to his ankles with the all too frequently seen boxers taking center stage. Flip flops and white socks. He would never make the cover to GQ. But he has made the cover of the St. Petersburg Times as a murderer. He is 16. He killed a cop but presumed innocent till proven guilty - although he did confess.

Where have we gone so terribly wrong? We seem to be a broken community in need of a complete overhaul. Our budget is in tatters - so where do we go from here?

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