Sunday, February 20, 2011


Oh my glorious backyard - the one that I could not live without. Well, be careful for what you wish for!!!! I've heard that many a time before.

In between the patches of those deadly sand spurs are patches of sand. Not the pretty beach sand one sees on the advertisements. It's that ugly grey sand with no personality at all. The dogs and the cat and the people track inside the house that ugly grey sand and it creeps and seeps into all cracks and crevices.

If I had a maid there would be no worries but - no maid and lotsa worry. We decided to be proactive and attack the sand problem with enthusiasm. Our solution was to buy Coastal Hay at $8.00 a pop from the tractor supply place. So we diligently spread the Coastal Hay over the backyard. Dropping mounds on the ugly grey sand and all those nasty-nasty sand spurs. Almost immediately the sand spurs scared away the hay. But the Coastal Hay still lay on top of the ugly grey sand.

No more sand in my house. Victory - well, not exactly. Now the floors in the house are covered with $8.00 a pop Coastal Hay. I think the hay is ,more worser than the ugly grey sand. Dang. Life is not easy.

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