Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paint My World - Happy

One week or 5 working days till Spring Break. YEHAW-YAHOO-HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A needed respite away from the toil of the mind and all that other junk that goes along with school - especially lunch duty.......

I need to get to my happy place and soak up all the giddiness and pretty thoughts. Life can be ugly at times. But this morning as I sit outside on this awesome-gorgeous-beautiful morning sipping my Butter Toffee coffee I am enjoying the solitude. The sky to the East is painted vibrant pinks and soft blues. The sun is beginning to make his entrance and shards of light are mixing with the pink clouds.

Today Nettie comes home from her doctor visit and we all will be glad to see her. It has been a quiet place here without her puppiness engulfing us. Russ will no longer be top dog in the house and will have to share his toys, rawhide and all the affection that has been lavished upon him.

The pink of the sky is now becoming a light orange color like the tender pulp inside a cantaloupe as the sun begins the wake-up call. Time to begin the day and think about all the good things in life that are at my fingertips. Like more coffee......

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