Sunday, March 27, 2011

Way down upon the Suwanee River

I just added another location to my bucket list. It's my short bucket list - the things I will really accomplish before I die. I have the DEEP bucket list but that's mainly for wishing and dreaming and idling away the time on a dull day. Not that I have many dull days in my life. Always seem to be busy-busy-busy.
This awesome looking place is actually one of Florida's marvelous state parks. It is on the Suwanee River and there are rapids. In Florida on a river. How cool can that be????????

So, needless to say I am so-so excited about traipsing up to the northern part of the state to view these rapids. Although I was just there last week and knew nothing about these rapids. Another time - and soon.

I've been flipping through the Florida book on state parks and my imagination is rolling away from me. So many beautiful and awesome places to visit and enjoy. Steven Foster you should have visited Florida.

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