Monday, March 21, 2011


Recently I read a book with the setting in Cape Cod and they talked about the 'mooncussers'. I had never heard of 'mooncussers'. My neighbor asked me if I was going to take pictures of the special full moon - so I did.

Mosquito's were out that night in mega numbers - sucking away at my precious blood. But the beauty of the moon prevailed and the skeeters became a trivial aspect. I was on a roll - of film. LOL. Actually I have a digital camera.

The moon slowly popped from behind the mass of trees and lit up the night sky like the Fourth of July. She was huge and had orange tones that were warm and pulsating. She rose above the tree lines at a snails pace and hung effortlessly in the night sky sending soft shadows down upon us.

There is something about the moon and the ambiance she pursues. I thought about the 'mooncussers' pilfering ships that had crashed along the shores so many moons ago. She was like a beacon shining the light upon the wealth for the scavengers to plunder.

I watched her in all her splendor as she rose higher into the night sky and glared defiantly back at me - saying look at me and all that I am. I felt a calmness wash over me and surround me. The moon is a mysterious force that leads our minds to far away places and swaddles us in joy.

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