Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Attack of the Crows

I walk the dogs in the early morning - in the dark. (time change) It's not something I feel entirely comfortable doing but - you gotta do what you gotta do. The little darlings need their exercise.

I arrived at the second intersection and heard a crow squawking fiercely. I'm not a big fan of crows. They be ugly and loud with no class. I ignored the commotion. We walked on determined to get our business done. The loud screeching seemed to follow us. One streetlight was out.

All of a sudden I heard a thump. I looked back over my shoulder and their on the burnt out lamppost sat the crow. Screeching at the top of his lung capacity. I began to feel a little uneasy and the hair on the back of my neck stood at attention. I searched for a stick lying on the ground to defend myself and the buddies. Nothing.

I had flashbacks of the Alfred Hitchcock movie - 'The Birds.' I was getting really-really creeped out. The squawking continued at a frantic pace and so did the stalking. Next time I will bring something besides the tissue stuck in my waistband for doggie droppings.

Should I turn around? Run for the hills? Wait - no hills in Florida. Here I was dressed in dark clothing in the dark of the morning and I surely didn't stand out like a sore thumb. The doggies on the other hand are light in color with neon doggie vest. Now I am sure that caught the crows attention. Did he think his breakfast was walking down the sidewalk in the early morning darkness? Wish I had a stick, slingshot or perhaps a B.B. gun.

I picked up my pace and headed for home. I certainly did not want to end up a statistic of a crow attack. And I didn't want the flying monster to take off with one of my little ones. Dog walking in the dark is a dangerous occupation. Maybe I could buy a treadmill for their exercise.

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