Monday, March 28, 2011

The Rain will explain

The rain falls mainly on top of my head as I walk around the back yard in the dark of this rainy Monday morning. In my nightgown. I was surely not expecting this downpour - although we need it and so do my plants at school. I won't have to spend and hour watering them.

So, of all the mornings why won't the dogs get their business done ASAP. No - nope -nada!!!!! They do this to me to push me over the edge of the cliff that I cling to with both hands. Cliff climbing or hanging on to for my life is not one of my strong points. Neither is wandering around the backyard at 4 AM in my flimsy nightie waiting for the dogs to take a pee.

No need to take a morning dip in the pool because I am currently soaking-sopping wet. Have the dogs done their duty? No.......How many times will this take for just a little tinkle from them and then the big one? I am more concerned with the big one than the tinkles. Our schedule is off.

Monday morning begins with a bang or more precisely a damp and dreary atmosphere. Why is this morning rain such a mystery to me? Oh yeah hubby had the T.V. on basketball games all day - so no news. I'm needing a T.V. in the computer room.

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