Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Between a rock and a soft spot

Sometimes it doesn't pay much to get out of bed in the morning. Actually the pay is usually a strong cup of coffee and a stale danish. Whatever.

It seems like my karma has gone bad, flipped out and crawled under a rock. A slippery rock. I had this awesome stone/gem and it was olive green in color and I have forgotten the correct name of this rock/gem but I distinctly remember that the rock hound said it brings wealth and good fortune. I need those two items.

I was pondering the fact that perhaps this was a myth or a I had collected a defective stone/gem or an oddball rock hound. My sister informed me that I needed to cleanse my GEM to obtain all the benefits it held. So I left my gem outside to be cleansed by the sun and the moon. After two days of cleansing I took my precious gem and placed it right next to my heart. For three days I walked the earth with that uncomfortable rock right inside my sports bra. The things people will do.

That very weekend hubby and I cleaned the garage with no help from the sun or the moon. And what did I find but a bag of coins. Dimes and nickels about $9.00 worth. I had hit the mother load. So now I am on a roll and decided to cleanse my gem a little more before I purchased the Powerball ticket. For some strange and mysterious reason my rock/gem has disappeared from the face of the earth. It's gone-gone-gone and so are my chances for obtaining my wealth. Life is tough and then you misplace your rocks.

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