Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two are better than one

Yesterday I saw the light- saw it all - saw the ultimate foolishness or addiction. I left early to reach work before the storm broke and dropped upon us the torrential rains. The sky was black and the darkness was spreading fast. I tossed my gear in baby car and headed East just inches ahead of the mean and ugly looking storm. It was to be a replay of last Thursday's disaster.

I was buzzing along just a wee bit over the speed limit watching the blackness behind me in the race to work. I did my left on to Moon Lake Road and out of the corner of my eye I see a man walking a really cute little dog. I go to mush when I see a cute little dog walking so proudly by his master. He was a tiny little critter prancing (almost like Russ) as fast as he could.

I think he could feel the storm approaching and was in a hurry to get his business done. His owner not too concerned about the deluge that was about to drop. I looked out my rear window at the ugliness. She was picking up speed and was no contest for the baby car. Who would be out walking a tiny little creature with the storm of the century fast approaching?

I slowed a bit as I wheeled around the corner and glanced at the man and the dog. I looked again. Here was this dog walking man with two not one but two cigarettes in his mouth. Double the effect? WHAT? Why in the hill would he do that? Then - why would he be out walking his dog minutes before a gigantic storm? That's Florida - land of opportunity.

Within seconds after my car passed the dog walker puffing away at two cigarettes at once and walking a tiny dog the storm broke. Buckets of rain splashed on my windshield making driving very difficult and hazardous - then the hail thunder and the fireworks in the sky. OMG!!! I waited for my windshield to break. The lightening danced around the baby car almost causing my hair to curl.

My thoughts wandered back to the little doggie and the man smoking two cigarettes. Perhaps he didn't have a match and he was wanting the lightening strikes to light his smokes. A death trap waiting for another death trap. I'm hoping the cute little doggie wasn't as terrified as I was.

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