Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

I’m sitting here by the window in the early morning darkness with only the computer monitor for light taking in the beauty of a spring day. There’s a bird somewhere outside my window chirping like his life depends on it and perhaps it does. Way off in the distance I hear an answer to his chirp. A softer chirp responds most likely belonging to a possible mate, friend or worldly traveler.

I reach down and scratch the mosquito lump on my knee. Mosquito’s and other critters seem to enter through my open door policy but still I cannot shut the door. I love the freshness of the early morning so the doors remain open. The scant breeze drifts aimlessly in the open space and cools my morning coffee. I scratch my knee again.

The morning chatters have quieted and the buzzing of distant traffic has replaced the morning song. Soon more noises will pollute the solitude of this spring morning and the birds will fly away taking their songs of joy along with them. I hear a snort beyond the fence and a rustling of dewy grass. The local armadillo is searching for breakfast in the green lush lawns of my neighbors. He ignores mine filled with weeds and sandspurs.

My welts are itching and need attention. I need to shut the door. Life would be almost near perfect if not for those pesky skeeters.

1 comment:

Clint said...

Not sure why God made flies or mosquitoes. They can sure ruin a nice, peaceful morning.