Friday, September 3, 2010

Earl of Sammich

The fear and uncertainty is beginning to gnaw at my innards chomping away at my strength and sensibility. Not that I have a lot of sense but the little that I possess is deteriorating at a rapid rate. Crazy thoughts are swirling around in my head and robbing me of my sleep. The unknown factor looms like a nightmare in the recesses of my jumbled mind.

My positive thinking has run off with Earl up the coast - onward to Canada - without a passport or a plan. Always have a plan - then a plan B. The eye of the storm tumbles aggressively - smashing my good thoughts - crumbling them into the sand strung along the east coast.

I'm beginning to wonder if my doctor is truly competent? Did he leave one of his instruments inside my foot on the last surgery? Is that the cause of the intense pain? Do I have some rampant bacteria inside my foot devouring all my tendons? The scary questions and thoughts are muddling my pea brain.

I can't wait till September 15 and I cannot wait till September 15. STOP those bad thoughts and images! The thought of the day is - Serenity Now! Whatever that means.

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