Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tales to be told

I have survived my second day on the craft show circuit. Not an easy feat but VERY interesting. First the people - some have been doing this for over twenty years - cowabunga! These craft show people whom I am now one of them are the nicest people to meet. They go out of their way to help one another and to offer assistance. They are also extremely talkative.

Take Bill for starters - Bill is a registered Cherokee. He says he has the papers to prove it. Perhaps he keeps this information so he will not be mistaken for an illegal alien. Wasn't E.T. an illegal alien?

So to be a registered Native American does that mean you come with papers like an AKC registered dog? How does one go about getting registered? He states he has spoken with many law authorities who have stopped him while picking up precious stones on state land. He pulls out his registration papers and the law officer backs away and lets him keep his precious stones. Even I know it is illegal to remove anything from state or federal land but old Bill has the right.

Bill is a very loud old feller with red hair and blue eyes. He would be the strangest looking Native American I have ever seen. But he lets everyone know he has his registration papers and also that - yes - he can posses gator heads, tails and deer legs. Interesting does not come close to describe Bill the self certified chief of his clan. Actually he calls himself the mayor or something to that effect.

Old Bill has eaten just about everything that Florida and Oklahoma have to offer. Possum is his favorite. He has seen and wrestled every beast that walks the earth except for Big Foot but I'm not too sure about Big Foot. Perhaps he hasn't gotten around to that story yet. Maybe tomorrow.

There are some that have no objections to hanging out their dirty laundry for all to see. As for me I'll use the washer and dryer and not my words.

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