Monday, September 27, 2010

Russ and Us

Our new adopted doggie Russ is settling in or at least he's trying too. Last night was better - less whining. We are trying to desensitize him and help him get over the 'separation anxiety' he seems to be making progress. Well, if I spent weeks in shelters I would have some anxiety also. Today he is attached to my big toe.

He is helping me in my road to recovery. We are both couch potatoes. He is sleeping I am reading. I am reading - There's A spouse In My House by Peter Scott. It is side splitting and very true. I can see so much of my life in this book. The chapter 'My husband may be a moron' is very interesting. Although hubby has been a real trooper helping me with my recovery. I will never buy him a $60.00 hat like the Florida Sheriff department displays on their bald bloated heads. I'm sure some are very nice.

Hubby and Russ have bonded over their daily walks. Russ slept on the couch last night with hubby's two day old shorts. This is to help him adjust to his new surroundings and get over the separation anxiety - also dogs like stinky stuff. Sometimes they roll in dead fish.

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